Thursday, July 28, 2011


Good Evening!

We have some housekeeping to take care of this week.

  • If you have not yet received your item, do not fret. There are still a few that were shipped last week and a few more that will go out this week. 
  • We are cleaning up everything and entering that last stage of this endeavor. 
  • If you won a critique and have not yet heard from the agent/author/editor, please let us know and we will shoot them an email

I don't know if we can ever express the gratitude we feel for everyone involved. Every bid - even those that were not the winning bids - have made this entire cause a success. 

Living in Tuscaloosa during all of this has been more humbling than I expected, even knowing how devastating it is. People from around the world have traveled through here just to lend a hand, share a story and rediscover the goodness of humanity. I want to thank ALL of you personally for bringing a renewed sense of hope, love, life and promise to a state that did not even know it needed it.

With all that you should give yourselves a big round of applause because...

As of today we have raised over $8000 for Hackleburg, Alabama!!


  1. I am in no hurry but I am not sure if you need to know I haven't received the cookbook I won yet.

  2. Gail...I need your ship to address. We tried to contact you but I don't have an email address attached to your blogger ID. Would you mind emailing us that so we can ship out your cookbook and spoons?? Thanks ;o)

  3. Have all of the items been shipped out? I was just wondering since I haven't received the signed copy of Twilight that I won.

  4. I have still not received my signed Michelle Zink books, sadly, and it's mid-October :(