Wednesday, June 22, 2011


We hope everyone is having a wonderful first week of summer!

We are thrilled to let y'all know that we have now passed the $7000.00 mark in our efforts to raise money for Tornado Relief!


We cannot believe how amazing you all are! 

Well we are not done yet! Days 26 and forward are STILL LIVE! 

Please note that we made an adjustment to the bidding cycle after Day 25. We decided to extend all auctions that are still live a few more days than 5...they are now live for 8 DAYS (from their posting date)!

So Day 26 auctions will be closing tomorrow, June 23! 
So if you were watching those auctions and thought you had lost worry they are still there to grab!

Be sure to check the right sidebar for updates on closings & dates!

Thank you again and keep up the bidding!

-Courtney & Crystal

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