Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 17 Item 4: 2010 National Champions painting

"Family" member* Nita Vick has donated a beautiful painting honoring the 2010 National Champions, the Auburn Tigers.

From Nita:
I am a huge Auburn fan. My parents raised me right. My Dad was the manager for Auburn's 1957 Championship Team. During the weeks leading up to the recent national championship game, I thought a lot about what I could paint for him after the big win. I wouldn't paint it ahead of time for fear of jinxing the win. Everyone knows how superstitious sports fans are. By the time the game was over and Auburn had finally won, I knew exactly what I wanted to paint. This is a painting very similar to the one I painted for my Dad.

It features Aubie standing over the Oregon Duck. He has successfully "duck" taped him and has a hand full of duck feathers. It also features the Eagle pulling a banner proudly declaring Auburn as National Champions and the game score. I would be proud to donate this item in memorey of Kenner Vaughan to help raise money for tornado relief. He was my Dad's youngest brother. He passed away on May 2, 2011 from injuries that he suffered in the tornado in Hackleburg, Alabama on April 27, 2011. He was a kind, funny man. We miss him dearly.


Courtney and I are so sorry for your loss and know that Kenner's memory will live through this painting.

*If you're not an Auburn fan, we consider ourselves a family. Anytime you go outside of the state and hear a "War Eagle" you never feel far from home, no matter where you are.