Saturday, June 18, 2011


Good Morning Everyone!

IT IS DAY 28!!!

We cannot believe how well this campaign is going! 

It has been a crazy journey and we wanted to take today to give a few updates.

Shipping: For any items that are in our possession & have been paid for; they are to be shipped out this week to the winners! So please watch over the next week for receipt. 

Payments: If there is an item that you have not paid for yet, please do or send us an email about any issues you may be having.

Posting: We still have days that are live and we still have items that will be posted! We have a few authors/publishing companies that have things being sent to us. AS SOON as they are in our possession or we have full details on the items we will post them. 

As you all have, hopefully, been able to see we are trying to raise as much as possible for Hackleburg, Alabama. It is still a town devastated and reeling. It is because of y'all that we are even able to post items, giggle uncontrollably due to the star status of our contributors and to be able to take heart that this community continues to be AMAZING! 

Thank you.

For anyone who is curious, we are now at the $6500 mark!! 

- Courtney & Crystal

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