Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 26: Item 1: ALABAMA FOOTBALL FANS - Autograph

In my house you will see photo after photo, paintings, game worn jerseys, helmets that still have grass in the edges, ticket stubs, hats, so so many things that live, breathe and evoke ALABAMA football.

Well, my wonderful friend and cohort Crystal just happened to snag an autograph, he wandered into her line of sight and she (thankfully) pinned him down - well she politely asked, he is a big boy...


He is quite loved here in Tuscaloosa and throughout the Bama Nation...I personally love him for this moment right here:

This is during the 2009 Alabama vs Tennessee game at Bryant Denny Stadium. It was October 24, perfect game day weather, Alabama was on the championship run...we were getting so close to having that perfect season. But a rival was trying to steal it away. We were only up by a few points...they had more yards than we did and to be honest it was a defensive game that did not show signs of either side giving up. Tennessee had the opportunity to make a 44 yd field goal - it would win the game...seconds on the clock...the stadium was so husband had his head in his hands saying he could not believe our perfect season was going to be broken by Tennessee...I told him "No, we will block this. We will win this game. I believe in them." Honestly he still gets ragged by me for being the one who believed and had faith in their talents.

Mount Cody delivered a block that could be heard by every fan. When the thwack of the ball hit his arm the bomb dropped and the stadium erupted in celebration. We were still on our way...

To this day a picture of that block hangs in my house and on my wall at work. He reminds me to believe even when the odds are against you. You can still be a champion...oh and we were that year ;o)