Friday, May 20, 2011


Good Afternoon Everyone!!

We just wanted to give an update on a few things:

    1. CLOSING DATES - please note the updated closing date listing on the sidebar, everything should be back to normal on the 5 day time frame for bidding* *Due to Blogger's craziness the other week the first few days were pushed off from last weekend and have now closed. (Thank you all!) 
    2. PAYMENTS - please do not forget to put in the note section of the PayPal payment the Item that you are paying for. This is just to insure no confusion when sending the contributor the winner's information.
We are beyond pleased, ecstatic and giddy about how the auctions are going so far and wow the good stuff just keeps on coming - so don't worry if you haven't won anything so far we have more items/opportunities coming up! 

Please continue to bid, watch, contribute, donate & spread the word.
That is it for now, again we cannot even begin to convey our heartfelt thanks to everyone involved!
Without y'all this would not even be possible.

Have a fun and fantastic Friday!
-Courtney & Crystal

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