Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 5: Item 3: Picture Book or 10 Page Critique of Verse Novel by Caroline Starr-Rose

You can win a  

Critique of a Picture Book 
the First 10 Pages of a Verse Novel!

graciously offered by the sweet Caroline Starr Rose 

Caroline Starr Rose blogs about writing, reading, and the publication process at carolinebyline.blogspot.com. Her historical novel-in-verse, MAY B., debuts January 10, 2012 (Schwartz and Wade/Random House Children's Books).


  1. Bidding is now closed!!

    Congratulations Shannon ;o)! You will receive an email tonight with details on the transaction!

    Thank you so much for participating!

  2. crap! i was out doing yard work cause it finally stopped raining and i missed out...congrats shannon!